Next Printing Trend For Modern Office

Cashless Printing Solution

Cash payment for printing, manual record of the printing volume/ink status  are conventional way for the market. But Cashless Printing Solution solve all the hassle for you.

Cashless Printing Solution

Cashless Printing Solution is highly customised for office, even corporate demand. With this solution, it can greatly improve printing efficiency. Make printing become easy job.

Unique Extreme – “Simply innovative”

Eliminate redundant printing steps, organise archives, cross platform applications.
Cashless Printing

Agility & Simplicity. Touch & Print.
Print Management

Track all MFDs / Printers, Secure Print Release, Control and Report Use & etc.
Archiving Document

Access your files anytime, anywhere. Send and easy retrieve documents from mobile devices.
Fleet Management

For assess, analyze, propose, monitor and market managed print services strategy.

Printing can be

easier, agile, efficient, 

and more organised.

In Unique Extreme, we find that printing can be more convenient, efficient, and easier. Our team provide better and professional solutions for all business in different fields.