Need an amazing copier

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Unique Extreme is expertise in printing solutions, from remanufactured copier to printing solution packages. Our company providing various model of copiers, including black & white, color and remanufactured.

Our company motto – “Simply innovative”, we strive to serve and provide our customers with simpler, easier and efficient ways on printing matters. With the help of innovation, we offering versatile print solutions to ease the printing tasks. These solutions are here to manage & organise your records, auditing, archiving and so on.

With our skilful and experienced team, we are confident to serve our customers with right solutions and pleasant services.
Cashless Printing
  • Agility & Simplicity.
  • Touch & Print.
Print Management
  • Track all MFDs / Printers
  • Secure Print Release
  • Control and Report Use
  • Recover Costs
  • Enforce Print Policy
  • Minimize Waste
  • Web Print
Archiving Document
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere
  • Scan documents directly into your designated file folder
  • Send and easy retrieve documents from mobile devices
  • No renaming of files
  • No indexing of data
Flip Management
  • FMAudit Central Server
  • FMAudit Onsite
  • FMAudit Local Agent
  • FMAudit Deployer