Fleet Management Solution

Offering you everything you need to assess, analyze, propose, monitor and market your managed print services strategy.

Comprised of:

  • FMAudit Central Server
  • FMAudit Onsite
  • FMAudit Local Agent
  • FMAudit Deployer

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How it works
The core engine of FMAudit accurately identifies and extracts data from networked printers, copiers and multifunction devices (MFDs) utilizing the protocols these devices support such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is a network protocol that facilitates the exchange

of information between networked devices, extracting data from the management information base (MIB) and the data collection locations within the device. FMAudit supports SNMP Versions 1, 2 & 3. The MIB is an internal database that most network-connected devices have as part of their anatomy.

The MIB holds data such as the manufacturer and model information, meter data, consumable levels and current and historical service and supply status of the device.

FMAudit Central Server is a cloud-based application
that can be hosted by the dealer, FMAudit, or a third party that stores all of the usage data from your clients’ devices so it’s easily viewable in a browser or on a mobile device giving you the ability to generate powerful reports. This information seamlessly integrates into your accounting, ERP or CRM software system.

FMAudit Onsite is a data collection tool that automatically performs device analytics, monitors consumable levels and equipment status. Installed at the customer site, this application can perform print assessments automatically on a scheduled basis.

FMAudit Local Agent
Capture meters for non-networked devices. Did you know? Up to 40% of printers are not connected to a network. Local Agent allows you to collect meters from local printers via an Agent Windows Service which communicates directly with devices and relays the captured data to FMAudit Onsite, enabling you to deliver (and bill for) a total managed print solution.

FMAudit Deployer
A tool developed by FMAudit designed to remove the complex and time consuming steps of managing the installation
and updates of all the applications a dealer requires to fully implement their MPS program within an end user’s enterprise.