How we provide supreme choice and flexibility for your printing

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How we provide supreme choice and flexibility for your printing

We’re champions of choice at PaperCut. We build all our products on the foundations of future-proofing and flexibility – and we work with you, not the other way around.

Whether your network’s on the premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both; whether you’ve got one device, one hundred, or one thousand; or anything else you can pick and choose… We’ll slot in beautifully.

With both myself and our CEO Chris valuing choice endlessly, we sat down for a good ol’ choice yarn – which I’ll be publishing in full next up.

But for now, let’s take a look at how we go above and beyond in giving PaperCut customers unbeatable choice.

Choice #1: any configuration

Cloud-based convenience

With so much of our everyday tech living in the cloud, it’s natural to want your printing to do the same. That’s why we’ve made it possible to put the PaperCut server in your own private cloud.

You get the exact same fully-featured solution, and can choose from a bunch of certified cloud providers – like Microsoft Azure and Amazon.

It’s not the only thing we’ve put in the cloud either. We’ve made scanning to your favorite cloud storage destinations just as easy to configure and perform as regular earthbound scanning.

One server, or dozens… You call it

Depending on the size or structure of your organization – or how bulletproof you want your network to be – PaperCut can be installed onto a variety of server/site setups with zero fuss.

If you’re growing (but not too big), a single server to coordinate all your printing will do just fine. If you’re a little bigger, multiple servers can be used to spread the load, or separate printing activity by department, device, etc.

Small startup with no IT department? No problem. Install the PaperCut Direct Print Monitor for a server-less setup, and directly connect whatever devices/computers you want.

A choice snippet from Chris:

“Customers don’t need to ask things like, ‘Have I got enough RAM… Do I need any apps?’ We’ve done the work to make those questions disappear.”

Choice #2: any device mix, any kind of printing

A true brand buffet

We love all printers equally at PaperCut, which is why we strive to be truly vendor neutral.

To us, it’s one of the most important cornerstones of choice in print management. Why? Well, it lets you chop and change a bunch of things to leverage growth, and maximize your ROI, like:

  • Printer brand
  • Mobile device brand/platform
  • Cloud provider
  • Browser
  • Operating system

… And basically anything else you have a say in. Plus, you can bring as many devices/printers as you want, in any combination – PaperCut will keep humming away smoothly.

More ways to print with Mobility Print

Unlike what’s provided by a lot of print management solutions, when we say ‘bring your own device’, we mean it – it’s literally all you have to do.

Mobility Print solves BYOD printing by letting your user base print easily from any mobile device – be it an iPhone, Surface tablet, Chromebook, or anything else.

Better yet, because the user interface is completely native to the device they know and love, there’s no adoption-shock for users.

3D printing and beyond – all under control

We get that syncing up regular paper printing with specialty printing – like 3D printing and laminating – can be a doozy. Add quota charging and shared accounts? You’ve got a recipe for frustrating messiness.

That’s why we developed Job Ticketing: a tool that brings all your print rooms and fabrication labs under control, and lets you manage all types of print activity together in one system.

A choice snippet from Chris:

“No one wants to get locked into a vendor, or throw away old devices… I’ve seen lock-in before, and it’s a real headache for businesses trying to move forward.”

Choice #3: extra print management powers

Useful integrations

We’ve made PaperCut great right out of the box, but we understand that truly good print management’s about being flexible, and supporting your digital transformation.

That’s why PaperCut’s compatible with a heap of solution-extending integrations – from payment systems to project management tools.

For the more tech-inclined, it also speaks to the amazing PaperCut API that makes writing your own integrations extremely easy.

Invitingly intuitive to use

To us, there’s no point in giving you all the options under the sun if they’re not nice and simple to use.

So we’ve made every part of PaperCut beyond natural to interact with – from the admin console (dubbed the most user-friendly of any output management platform by Buyers Lab), to what you press at the printer.

Plus, with the handy integrations touched on before, users can enjoy convenient quality-of-life features they’ve come to expect from their everyday tech.

A choice snippet from Chris:

“We want people to feel empowered to use all our features – not intimidated. And that goes for adding or creating new, tailored integrations as well.“

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